What Makes China So Popular for World News?

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What Makes China So Popular for World News?

World News or international news is the general news terminology for worldwide news about a specific country, a region or an international topic. Such news is provided by several international media including radio, television, and print. Such news is very significant because it informs people of the happenings in their home countries, and that helps them to adjust with the changing situations. Thus, world news is very significant and necessary for every citizen of this earth.

Many professional news agencies like BBC, CNN and others deliver world news with the help of correspondents from different countries. These correspondents are appointed to cover any topic that is related to the nationality that they represent. Similarly, foreign correspondents who are appointed by foreign correspondents provide the international news to their readers/clients. On the other hand, there are also some freelance journalists who offer their services to many companies and organizations and deliver the news in their own way. Therefore, from the above it can be seen that the role of World News Delivery Agencies in the present era has changed a lot.

Today, journalists are not required to work for a specific company for a particular news report. Reporters work for different news agencies therefore; it has become difficult to find a news agency from where a journalist can get news reports on all the aspects of the global scene from. Moreover, there are few companies that hire foreign correspondents for specific tasks for which they would be paid accordingly. In this context, the role of freelance journalists and news agencies is important as well.

These days, there are several news organizations and freelance journalists who have gained global popularity and reputation for delivering world-class news and current affairs. It is because of their vast experience and dedication to their profession that they are able to grab the attention of the public with their unique perspective and freshness. It is because of their unique perspective that these news agencies or freelance journalists are able to deliver news, which many people may not get from other mediums. Many news agencies or journalists are known for their distinctive features such as specialization in a particular field of news, or being the only ones dedicated to a particular country etc. Therefore, it is not possible for any news organization to deliver the wide-ranging news that it has consistently done in the past.

The present-day world most likely will not witness the presence of China or India anytime soon but they have become very popular and sought-after world celebrities because of their consistent contribution to humanity. Some of the world’s most respected news agencies like CNN, BBC, Associated Press, CTV, Russia Today, Sky News etc. have their bases in both Beijing and Moscow, rather than in Delhi. However, it should be noted that while the coverage of both Delhi and Moscow is fairly similar, they still differ in their emphasis on certain topics and coverage of the events.

For instance, while all the international correspondents working for the same news agency are focused on issues like terrorism in Kashmir, Beijing has focused its attention on the recent clashes between the Chinese government and the armed Indian troops in the northeast. While all the international correspondents working for the same media outlet in Beijing and Jerusalem can report the same developments, the coverage by the Chinese media of the clashes in the northeast is much more sensationalized compared to the coverage by the foreign correspondents from different countries. So, if you too want to get the same level of global recognition and attention, you should endeavor to learn the techniques of attracting the attention of the Chinese media and also the ways in which you can make your story more global in scope. The best thing about your story becoming even more international is that there are many foreign correspondents who are willing to write about your event/story as long as you meet their deadlines, which can really boost your morale and get you motivated to work even harder to meet even higher standards.