World News From Pakistan and India

World News or world media or global news is the common news terminology for global news regarding a national, international topic or an area where many countries or continents are involved. This type of news is usually not only written but spoken by many correspondents in many different languages. The most famous of these is the print media and television, which are the two most popular means of the general public knowing what is happening all around the globe. The internet has also become a major source of world news and its rapid development has made it accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world with a computer or internet access.

However, not all world news is produced by major world media outlets. There are many small independent journalism firms and correspondents that have their own unique line of business, writing on specific topics and providing local or global news. These are the freelance journalists that you normally find in the world news section of your newspaper or weekly magazine. Foreign correspondents, on the other hand, work for international news agencies like the wire service and the AP. Their job is to provide the information to their respective readers and this kind of work requires extensive training before they could start doing it.

When the work gets too much for any one freelance journalist, he/she transfers to another field to take on more assignments. Many foreign correspondents now work for international news agencies, concentrating on a specific region. For instance, they might have a reporting career with an agency that covers the Middle East, Asia, or any other region that is considered as a hotbed of international political brouhaha and events.

There are also a number of large news organizations that have their own websites, dedicated to providing world-wide coverage on various topics. They are generally not as extensively staffed as their web-based counterparts but still maintain numerous bureaus and sections on several different countries, depending on their size. The major news organizations include in their stable of journalists many women and many foreigners who are well-versed in the language and culture of their target countries.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are some other freelance news agencies based in Pakistan and India that are providing content on several issues. They are mostly covering issues concerning China and Pakistan. For instance, there is a Beijing-based publication that concentrates on Chinese-related subjects, and an Islamabad-based publication that covers all aspects of life in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). There is also a news portal based in Mumbai that covers topics that relate to India, and one in Jakarta that provides reports and pictures from the part of Indonesia under the Indonesian government.

There is also a daily magazine, published in Seoul, Korea, called “Seoul Time.” It is a joint project of Chun Doo Hyeon (Korea, Japan), Dong-Ae Kim (South Korea) and Choong-Yong Kim (Seoul, South Korea). This publication has won the hearts of thousands of Korean and Japanese people who are interested in the Korean scene and the Korean economy. Other foreign correspondents from Asia include correspondents from Japan, Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.