Getting World News From Reporters in Other Countries

World News

Getting World News From Reporters in Other Countries

World news or international news is the popular news terminology for worldwide news, usually about a particular country or an international topic. Today there are many sources of world news. The major global news agencies such as CNN, BBC, Associated Press, and several others provide the basic information about world events. A lot of people read world news as it gives them some information they may not get from television or the radio. There are many online sites that give out news in the form of blogs or daily reports.

Every country has its own broadcasting stations and correspondents that give out news. These correspondents are usually based in major cities like Tokyo, Beijing, and London. However, there are many countries where there is no single news agency that gives out world news. This is mainly because in these countries, there are only two kinds of journalists that have been employed; those that work for local newspapers and media, and foreign correspondents.

Some say that the lack of a single world news agency is one of the reasons why there is less international reporting today. In fact there are more freelance journalists working internationally than local ones. Foreign correspondents are given assignments by some world news agencies and then freelance journalists are contracted by other firms to get their reports out to all the different news agencies. They work from home in their own apartments and have to report independently. It is difficult for them to get access to certain information because of their remote locations.

Many private firms have their own in-house correspondents who give out reports about new trends in the stock markets, political situations around the world, and environmental issues. They get their news agencies from numerous sources including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, and some even get their reports through telecommunication companies such as the cable and phone companies. All these media sources are very dependent on each other to get their global news reports out to people all over the world. All they need is a computer with an Internet connection and they can instantly get all their information through the World Wide Web. This is also why it takes so long to get a worldwide event like a natural disaster report in any country.

Most of the time, when people are searching the web for a good report on something, they visit the websites of the major news agencies such as CNN, BBC, and The New York Times. These are the most popular sources for them to get the information that they are looking for. These three have their own specific websites that provide comprehensive reports on the current happening around the world. However, the state of China and India are fast becoming famous as the first world countries that people travel to for news. People who go to these countries especially to cover the Tibetan independence movement and ethnic unrest usually book flights to Beijing and New Delhi, where the national media has its headquarters, in no time at all.

The best time to go to China and India for the purpose of getting your news is between December and May. This is when the Chinese government offers discounts on tickets and other fares. There are also special conferences and seminars organized by the government to attract foreign correspondents to their country. For example, during the World AIDS Day in March, the leadership of several foreign correspondents’ organizations published a list of their findings from reporting over the past year on AIDS in China. Since then, most foreign correspondents continue to cover the situation in China and HIV/AIDS in particular.