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International Weather is an application that presents live weather forecasts to users in various parts of the world. The most popular one is Google Maps, where people around the globe can find relevant information about the weather and the time. The main challenge for the developers of this application is to create such a user friendly app that does not require technical knowledge. In many cases, the task of presenting a simple program like International Weather is more challenging than creating a complex one. The three categories in which this application is presented are overview, travel and forecasts.

Overview: The main aim of this category is to provide the user with basic information about the current weather conditions. By providing the map of the region and country, you can clearly see the different cities and states. International Weather does not present the temperature, cloud cover or precipitation in the map, rather, it presents a general overview of the weather conditions. As there are many countries around the world, you may find the forecasts in your own language. The International Weather Association is the governing body that provides certification for weather apps.

Travel: The private sector is also playing an important role in providing information about weather forecasts. The growth of the private sector is creating innovative solutions for weather forecasting and climate information. This is done by providing the user with accurate weather forecasts. Since there are many companies in the business of providing private sector customers with accurate weather forecasts, it has been seen that the size of this segment is increasing on a daily basis. The main problem for the private meteorologists is increasing coverage area for the data they need to provide to their clients.

Climate Information: The other category of International Weather is associated with climate information. It presents the latest global weather information as well as local climate information. The Climate Information section in most of the weather apps are offered as a widget on the mobile webpages.

International Weather Apps Awards: In this category of International Weather, the award-winning weather apps are announced. The award-winning meteorologists and experts present their findings and recommendations for the day’s activity. The widgets provide detailed information on the current weather conditions across the globe. In order to get an award, the selected weather app needs to have a high rating in the respective categories.

Awards and Recognition: International Weather Apps Awards is presented at different conferences, exhibitions and shows throughout the year. The winners of the awards are the ones that deserve recognition. The winning company gets an opportunity to exhibit at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This helps them make their mobile apps more popular among their customers. This is one of the biggest consumer festivals of the world. The International Weather Association also participates in this festival, along with the meteorological societies and academies from various countries.